Re: Contact Problems

Our office VOIP system is now fully powered and operational again. 

Apologies to anyone who may have had difficulty contacting us by phone since late Thursday afternoon. 


10th Sept 2018
Contact Problems

Due to a power outage at our office building our voip phone system is currently unavailable.  we do have some access via softphones on our mobiles but access may be limited.  If you have any urgent queries and are having problems getting through by phone, please send us a message instead ** please note that this issue does not affect your ... Read More »

7th Sept 2018
are you experiencing problems sending mail?

Hello,  we are receving reports from several clients that they are having trouble sending emails, although they are receiving mail appears that the mail client's smtp settings have changed back to the default port of 25. for our servers this port should be 587. if you are experiencing this issue, please check this setting. we know microsoft ... Read More »

3rd May 2017

Hello, and welcome to SCL's new account portal. This is where you'll come to manage everything to do with your SCL account, see all your invoices, purchase new domains names and hosting services etc. 

in the meantime, why not visit our blog and learn more about us, along with how and why we do what we do:

1st Nov 2016